Monday, June 13, 2011

"Shall I kick him out?"

In 1986, IFBB Champion Vince Taylor not only lived in West-Berlin (probably as a GI), he also appeared as a whiskey-sipping nude model in a German detective series.

woman: "May I introduce to you Joe Kessler - my model."
detective: "THAT'S your model?! As far as I can see YOU'RE NOT PAINTING HIM!"
woman: "We're having a preliminary talk..."

Here's a fun fact from Vince's biography:
"The 1983 Mr. Berlin Vince Taylor started off in the light-heavyweight class, but a few weird things happened. He crashed his car - twice - on the way to the venue. He was too late to enter as a light-heavy, but they let him compete as a 170lbs. heavyweight and he ended up winning the whole thing."

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