Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Andreas Cahlinger

"YAY! Our testosterone balance is all f*∆∂ed up!!!"

Big in Japan
Big in Japan.

Carrot stick

The way he's holding that carrot stick looks kinda threatening.

Lee Haney pumping iron when he really shouldn't

Lee Hanley
"Before I started working out I hardly got any sex because I was so skinny. Now that I got all those muscles I don't get ANY sex at all - because I gotta work out all the time!!"

Bodybuilder CHRIS WALKER

Bodybuilder/wrestler Chris Walker would be the male equivalent to Miss Nicole Bass. In the describtion of this Pro wrestling compilation dvd it says:
"In his earlier matches, he wore a leopard-print skin-tight wrestling singlet that highlighted every muscle in his body. [We here at 80's Muscle!-blog believe the pictures show more of a snake-print though.] He later switched to form-fitting trunks. He had long, curly, blonde hair"
So far so rad. Still "long, curly, blonde hair" might be kind of an understatement; mullet par excelence seems to be the more adequate term here.

The Untouchable Workout Pants

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The Untouchables... So these guys belong to the Indian Pariah caste?
The 80's saw the rising of the typical bulky sweat pants that are supposed to make your thighs look muscular and bull-legged.
Bodybuilder Mike Christian understood the sign of the times and started his company PLATINUM EVERYWEAR BY MIKE CHRISTIAN. *shudder* So all you hipsters lookin for some o so weird-in-a-rad-way 80's style Mike Christian parachute pants: Try on ebay as they don't make them anymore. If you're lucky you might find yourself an original "Party Surprise" (second from left).

Nicole Bass aka Godess of the 80's

The hair.
The shades.
The singlet.
Thank you, Miss Bass, for sporting 80's perfection, where ever you may be now.

Feel the burn? Or the lightning? Or the electric shocks?

In this photo very 80's bodybuilder Tom Platz is either
- working out so hard his muscles are producing electricity. How green.
- being attacked by Ming the Merciless.