Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buff Science

The Craft Center - Muscle and Brains!

"In the late 1980's, I was the only bodybuilder training regularly at "Dr. Squat" - Dr. Fred Hatfiels's exercise research laboratory - The Craft Center in Reseda, CA. I lived right next to the Craft Center and as the "resident bodybuilder" I had all these great minds to pick at a cutting edge exercise research laboratory."
- Andreas Cahling

Andreas Cahling "hooked up" by Professor G. Laich, MD.

Andreas Cahling monitored by Dr. Laich and Dr. Hatfield.
Fred Hatfield could squat with more than 1000 lbs (460 kg)!

Andreas Cahling squatting with "Dr. Squat" - Dr. Fred Hatfield.
Fred could squat with more than 1000 lbs (460 kg).

Andreas Cahling, Harvey Kurland (MSc) and Dr. Squat.
DR. SQUAT COULD SQUAT MORE THAN 1000 lbs (460 kg)!

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