Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brian Moss' Muscle Opera

Wow. I just found out about the place where not only all 80's muscle fantasies came true but where they were actually born.
In 1982 then gym-owner and current photographer Brian Moss opened his legendary gym Better Bodies in NYC:

"My gym quickly attracted local bodybuilders, and I became an active participant in the birth of women’s bodybuilding and the growth of men’s bodybuilding. (…) Opened in 1982 and sold in 1997, Better Bodies was a touchstone for many people for many reasons. It was the right gym at the right time for the right group of people. I still get emails from former members waxing poetic about what a special time that was"
- Brian Moss

Well, already by checking out his website I felt a certain, very special enery. Indeed this place seemed to be something like the Studio 54 of bodybuilding, and the members appear like a buff version of the legendary Blitz Kids. -

That's Gary Strydom on the far left.

Last but not least Better Bodies achieved some attention with it's flamboyant Muscle Operas:

I believe that's John Wessinger?

"The master and his protégée" - such a sensual picture.

Mr Moss, can't you start Better Bodies again? Creating a little world where muscles meet glamour and - yes - campness? What's that? "Sorry kids, been there - done that. You're turn." Oh. Right, I see your point.

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