Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too bad people don't work out in clothes like this anymore.

But then again: did they ever? I wonder if during the 1980's a single man on this planet ever hit the gym in spandex tights combined with a college jacket with no shirt under it.


  1. Actually i lived through the 1980s during the fitness period and most guys (married men and single men)wore spandex tights/shorts to the gym,solid or striped not like the above photo but similar (body skinz was one brand name),the men were very well built and some,a few,even wore the spandex so tight its amazing how they even fit into them,a guy i workout with had his own fan club because he wore the spandex quite tight,he was quite muscular like a college wrestler,woman and a few men used to schedule their workouts around him!!,men were not call any sort of name for wearing spandex/lycra, guys or girls simply didn't care,it was not something to worry about,fashion styles,everyone did their own thing,a reason i loved the 1980s,its much different story today where most people mine your business and men are basically overweight/underfed or wear high water pants and xxxxxl clothes to the gym.NO!weightlifters/gym rats in the 1980s did not wear spandex work out tights or shorts with a college jacket nor did they wear a jacket without a shirt in the gym,that image above is basically an silly idea of how you could wear these styles

    spandex similar to this

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