Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bob Paris

Bodybuilder Bob Paris in a cool 80's setting

Bob Paris, 1983 Heavyweight class and Overall Champion (NPC National Championships [Mr. America] & IFBB World Championships [Mr. Universe and professional qualifier]), in a very post-modern, quite New Wave setting.

Fall Fashions....

Bob was professional bodybuilding's 1st (and is untill today the only) openly gay athlet - he came out in the July 1989 issue of Ironman Magazine. Bob and his then-partner, Rod Jackson, had a commitment ceremony in a Unitarian church in 1989 [so they could officially cheat on each other ;-)].

Paris & Jackson

In 1995, the two separated.
Today, Paris lives with his spouse, Brian, on an island near Vancouver, British Columbia. Together since 1996, Bob and Brian were legally married after Canada equalized the marriage laws in 2003. (source: wikipedia)

Those ladies probably wouldn't have cared about him being gay as long as they could get a taste of those bis'n'pecs:

Still holding the title of "1st Openly Gay Pro Bodybuilder"

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