Monday, April 11, 2011

Joe Bucci

Another super-long post. There's so much rad photos of Mr. Joe Bucci out there that it's really hard to make a selection.

Seriously? I think that's a beautiful photo.

For those of you who are into cops. *annoyed sigh*

Miami Muscle Beach Vice.

Again: What's with the guns, guys? Guns won't make you look tough. Or hot. Just trashy in the best case.

You can put an exclamation mark instead of the question mark. Why so modest?

Also, there's this video of one of Joe's posing routines. Amazing soundtrack. Sorry, it's a Japanese site so I couldn't figure out how to embed it.


  1. Your blog is fucking radical. Where the hell do you get this shit from. We love it @2RadicalDudez!!!!

  2. Hey, thanks for the nice words! Takes some online research and a bit of scanning ;-) You guys are not doing so bad either. Who knew looking back at the 90's could be so much fun? Cheers!

  3. Replies
    1. Joe Bucci is very much alive and kicking ass! He is now a professional SAG actor who has appeared in film and TV including being a series regular on the "Hunter" and "VIP" television series. Joe is the CEO of his own production company in Los Angeles and is developing action/drama feature films and TV series in which he will star. He still keeps up his intense training regimen and is in awesome ripped shape as always.

    2. He is very well and extremely fit. Looks amazing for his age.see him all the time near the Mecca.

  4. You gutta be kidding me bucci is dead years ago thats his reward for all the roids he pumped in his ass .54 years old

    1. Must be a different Joe Bucci you're talking about. The Joe Bucci who's pictures appear on this page is alive and well.

    2. Lol ur funny!! Guys healthy as an ox and still Ripped.

  5. The guys that talk shit about Roids are usually the ones with awful genetics that have taken them with lil to No results!! Sour grapes.